Justice For Cyntoia Brown 🤬

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Flawed ass justice system in the good old US of A! #cyntoiabrown Sad!

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#CyntoiaBrown documentary "Me Facing Life: Cyntoia's Story, The 16yr Old Killer", an episode from Independent Lens on PBS, originally aired 2011. She is now 29yr old and serving 51 years to life in prison for killing a 43yr old real estate agent, who was in the military prior, in his home after picking her up as a prostitute. I challenge to watch this documentary and have the SAME empathy and compassion for Cyntoia AND the young girls, teens and young women involved in prostitution, stripping and hustling. Since people don't see an innocent picture like the one here of Cyntoia, people don't see the physical/sexual/emotional abuse, the broken foster care system, the genetic history of suicide (Cyntoia had 5 family members attempt /commit suicide including her grandmother shooting herself with a shotgun in front of her mom who was only 2nd grade & her mom surviving multiple suicide attempts), drug abuse, alcoholism (her mother, 16, drank daily throughout her entire pregnancy and continued until she switched to crack), drug abuse, depression, incest, neglect (Cyn ran away from home for 3 weeks with Kut-Throat/boyfriend/pimp and her foster mom didn't report her missing), the promiscuity (Cyn slept with 36 ppl to date of 16 yrs of age and kept a written list that included friends, girls, foster relatives, one night stands, customers etc), and the corrupt justice system which put this teenager in prison for life. #FreeCyntoiaBrown We can view Cyntoia's story but what about the rest of our girls suffering!!!!! Youtube: "Cyntoia Browns Story" via World Documentaries OR "Me Facing Life: Cyntoia's Story The 16yr Old Killer" via ToddCain

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